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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Lost a LOT of Respect for Paul Craig Roberts...,

when he posted this piece that was run over at Counterpunch: "The Left, Reagan and Cockburn".  After a nice little tribute to Alexander Cockburn upon his death, PCR states:

What causes some people to feel compelled to make uninformed digs at President Reagan? Is it just that they are brainwashed or, if they are thoughtful people, just too involved with other matters to be well informed about Reagan?  How many of the digs at Reagan are deflective activity by Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Obama shills diverting attention from the real causes of our woes?

Reagan and his administration are not above criticism, but Reagan most certainly is not to blame for the financial crisis or for the neoconservative wars for American hegemony.

I have been seething ever since I read it.  I am on record over at The Agonist as saying that I believe that Saint Ronnie and his administration marks the beginning of the dire straits we find our country in today..., here with "The Election That Changed the World"  and a piece from Alternet.  I wanted to respond to Robert's piece..., but thankfully..., Counterpunch ran this piece yesterday..., so I don't have to.  "Rotten Ronnie".

Reagan was a tout for a group of big capital con men who simply wanted to work a mafia type scam on a national basis: to take over the government so as to have the power to guide public money flows into the pockets of their corporate associates. They could call the movie “Mister Al Capone Goes To Washington.” The Reaganites were so vocal about being against the government, but since the government in a representative democracy is merely the physical and bureaucratic realization of the machinery needed to enact the popular will (read Rousseau, Jefferson did), the Reaganites were entirely anti-democratic crooks who wanted to extract value from the masses against the public interest (e.g., more weapons, kill alternative energy, more Central American bloodshed, defend apartheid, rape the environment for private profits), to distort the functioning of government for the preferential enrichment of their factional associates, and the higher economic classes with preferred racial mixes.

There is lots more where that came from..., highly recommended reading.

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