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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I was on a high last weekend that I haven’t experienced since the Hippie Days..., oh so many years ago.  These days..., with a 60 year old birthday looming just two months away..., those bouts of inspiration still happen..., occasionally.  Usually after the chores are done and the sweat has been replenished with a few ice cold beers in The Saddle Bar(n).  And such was the case last weekend.
I was listening to Tom Russell singing, “Bucking Horse Moon"
Down a one lane road there’s a dusty fairgroundWhere I learned the bronc trade..., I fell in loveWith a blue-eyed twister and her smokey whisperShe said, “They call me the Cimarron Dove”
We’d spool our bedrolls on down together
My calloused hands combed through her hair
She’d stare at a star through an old mesquite tree
“See that moon shadow, there’s a bucking horse there”
Sweet bird of youth, no easy keeper
Flown with the seasons all too soon
Beneath Montana’s blue roan skies
Nevada starlight and a bucking horse moon.