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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Sing the Truth..., Scream it Loud"

wrote about Tom Russell and attending a performance here on this Blog and on The Agonist a while back. At that performance I picked up one of Tom's CD's called "Hotwalker" I am not capable of explaining what it really is..., certainly not a purely musical CD. But when I heard this song "Woodrow" (an ode to Woody Guthrie) out in The Saddle Bar(n) for the first time...,I knew it was something special..., very special.  If I had heard it before the performance at The Tree House I guarantee you that I would have put on a performance of my own..., in insisting that he do "Woodrow".  But it was far too late for that..., and as I played it over and over out in The Saddle Bar(n) I wanted so bad to share it with others. I began to contemplate putting together a video of the song..., but I could never have made anything of the caliber that is demonstrated on this You-Tube video by "paganmaestro". The opening may be a bit disconcerting due to the nature of "Hotwalker"..., read the description of the album on You-Tube for a little insight and/or read Thom Jurek's review of the album here

But whatever you do..., hang in there and give this song a listen.

I would not recommend "Hotwalker" as an introduction to Tom Russell's music..., but it certainly shows another side to Tom and his talents.  So..., that said..., here's another video clip from "paganmaestro" of a song of Tom's that was written back in 1988 that still resonates strongly today.