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Sunday, July 31, 2016


At least to my blog.  Yeah..., the Scott R. - The Quillayute Cowboy blog has been getting an unprecedented number of hits lately.  I usually get a bit of a bounce when I link to a new post on my Facebook page..., but I haven’t posted a new piece since “Those Good Ole Days” back on 7/8/16..., and it only garnered 83 hits since then. And my best recent post, “The Drive” got 446 hits since 4/30/16.  

So..., I was a bit curious about who was hitting my blog so hard the last three weeks or so.  Blogger Dashboard shows this for the last month...,


United States



And just last week it was...,


United States



And from the hits to individual posts the last week it is undeniable..., a slam dunk..., that those evil ones..., and most likely Putin in particular..., they are after my George Lawrence saddles and my Saddle Bar(n).  Yeah I have seen the picture of Putin horseback.., he is in need of a good saddle..., and shirt.

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I have often said that I hate to admit it when I am wrong..., but some subconscious mental deficiency makes me do it.  I was sure that the mainstream media hype about the Russian threat was all about funneling money into the hands of the military-security industrial complex..., that then funneled it into the pockets of pandering politicians.  But I can’t deny the facts..., as much as I want too..., the threat is REAL !!!

Yeah..., I was in complete agreement with Dave Lindorff over at CounterPunch when he penned this one almost two years ago...,

The US, having seen its $5 billion plan for a NATO puppet state on Russia’s southern flank resoundingly crushed, is still pushing disconsolately for a more threatening NATO stance against Russia, with more weapons and troops posted near to Russia’s western border, for example in the Baltic states and in Poland, Rumania and Poland. But saner heads in Europe, particularly in Germany, are balking, noting that NATO and Russia have a treaty that bars the placing of permanent military bases in those countries. European NATO countries area also largely ignoring US calls for them to boost their military spending to bring it to 2% of GDP (US military spending is officially 3.8% of GDP, among the highest rates in the world, according to the World Bank, though adding in interest on war funding debt, veterans benefits and health care and the intelligence budget, it is really closer to 5%).

But I say again..., this time the threat is REAL.  Luckily for us we will most likely have a new president who will take this threat seriously..., as this piece by Pepe Escobar over at CounterPunch lays out...,

Hillary Clinton’s record shows that she fully supported Bubba’s military adventures in the Balkans, Dubya’s disastrous wars on Afghanistan and Iraq and Obama’s Afghan surge. But her masterpiece as Secretary of State was of course the destruction of Libya – followed by her enthusiastic support for weaponizing “moderate rebels”, a.k.a hardcore jihadis, in Syria.

R2P (“responsibility to protect”) would have remained no more than a hollow smart power-related concept without the Three Harpies (Hillary, Samantha Power and Susan Rice) lobbying non-stop for its implementation in Libya. Libya was the battling ground supposed to gloriously elevate the Clinton Doctrine to the apex of foreign policy smartness.

R2P – as in humanitarian imperialism deployed towards regime change – should have been duly paraded throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. But alas, even with We Came, We Saw, He Died the descent of Libya into a militia hell scotched all those elaborate plans. It was – and remains – more of a case of I came, I Saw and I Got Tangled Up in Benghazi.
Yeah..., it is pretty damn obvious that the Queen of Chaos will not stand by and let the Russians come and take a working man's saddles or bar(n)..., she is so perceptiv that she saw it coming even before I did..., as noted by another  CounterPunch piece by Renee Parsons...,
Indeed, the DNC and Clinton campaign are spending much valuable time spinning a narrative that the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming rather than focusing on the upcoming race against Donald Trump which promises to be a very tight election. At what point, do the Democrats with egg on their face end up looking foolish, inept and desperate.
Just for the record..., and to make it absolutely crystal clear..., I am NOT admitting here that I am wrong about my prior denunciations of Hillary Clinton.  I would much rather stay here and defend my own George Lawrence saddles and my Saddle Bar(n) by myself..., I want her help in no way what-so-ever. 

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