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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks For The Liberty Mr. Roberts..., Thanks For Everything

Oh yeah..., there are lines from movies and passages from books that stick with you.  The Agonist is one of those that have passed the test of time..., and will endure..., thanks to the foundation you have laid Sean-Paul.  Many thanks partner..., many, many thanks.

“It’s been a wild ride.”  Oh yeah..., to say the least.  I “found” The Agonist while my wife Julie and I were living in the Dial-Up Dark Ages in a cracker box camper trailer here on what was then just The Property.  With no TV and the slow loading high profile, image and advertisement loaded web sites delivering anything but timely updates on the “war” news..., The Agonist was far and away the go to site for me.  And has been ever since then.  Even today with high speed Internet and satellite TV here on The Ranch.  It seems that the growth and development of your site and our Ranch have gone hand in hand over the years.  With a bruised thumb or two along the way.  The hammer didn’t always hit the nail, but those pains were short lived.  But I understand your frustrations and motivations.  As the building and development stagnates..., and you are left with just the day to day maintenance..., you feel that you are missing something and need a change of pace to get those old juices of inspiration flowing again.

I “lurked” here for many years before I signed on as a “user” when you posted Second Chances? over four and a half years ago.  It took me over a year from that time..., and a very disturbing experience..., to work up the gumption to post a Diary entry of my own, I Had A Dream.  I don’t have the words to describe the feeling I got when it was elevated to the Front Page.  That move inspired me to send the piece about the Border Patrol Checkpoints to my congressional representatives and other government officials.  The good news is that I haven’t experienced any more bus boardings by thugs in uniform.  The bad news is that it inspired me to become a regular “ab-user” of The Agonist.

Oh yeah..., over 40 Diary entries..., and I am not going to try to count the number of comments.  Thanks for your indulgence..., and for elevating a few of the pieces to the Front Page..., it is still a thrill.  I read a lot of blogs but hardly ever bother to read comments..., and even rarer..., comment on them.  The users here are a rare breed indeed and it is a testament to your personal magnetism that we are all here.  If there is another site that attracts the likes of Don Henry Ford Jr., Numerian, Mauberly, Tina, Raja, Lex, JustPlainDave, Scotjen61, yogi-one, Celsius 233, chalo, Hong Pong, steeleweed, Bolo, Peter C..., I hope someone points it out to me.  Wow..., the list could go on..., and on.  I wish I could name all the contributors who help make The Agonist what it is..., and my apologies to those I had to leave off the list here.  This is quite a community that you have pulled together here Sean-Paul..., you should be very proud.  I know I am proud to consider myself to be a small part of it.

So..., I guess I will close where I started and paraphrase what I told you in my first comment here.  Never look back with regret at past decisions to move onward.  Look forward to the new experiences with much anticipation and enthusiasm.  We will all miss your continual presence of the past..., but will appreciate whatever sporadic posts you continue to contribute in the future.

Right on partner..., write on.

And..., thanks for the liberty Mr. Kelley..., thanks for everything.  

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