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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Enhancements...,

or at least that is the intention.  We got two inches of rain yesterday..., so I spent a lot of time at the computer.  I finally mastered..., OK..., figured out..., how to insert hyperlinks into the body of a story..., sometimes.  Lots of frustration at times..., but I think it really is an enhancement.  For those of you..., like my brother Larry..., who is a heck of an equipment operator..., but not so much of a computer operator..., a hyperlink takes you to another web site that relates to the statement highlighted.  Like the phase "my brother Larry" is highlighted and if you hover the mouse over it and click on it..., it takes you to a picture of Larry on my Facebook site.  Hit the "back" button and it takes you back to the blog.  Anyway..., I have updated several of the stories I've posted with these hyperlinks..., like links to pictures of the people I profiled in The April Birthday's Party story.  Let me know if you like it or not.  I primarily wanted to link to the Clearwater Log Drive story by Charlie and Sandra McCollister that I mentioned in Shipping Our Jobs Overseas story..., and the idea sort of took over !!!!

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