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Monday, February 15, 2010

While the Bail Out...,

was still being debated and the campaign was still in full swing, I submitted this piece to The Agonist.

Karl Rove is Alive and Well…,

Nobody else could have conceived a bait and switch of this magnitude. Georgie and his cadre propose a $700 billion Bail Out. It is a non-starter from the word go because of the Section 8 “no review or oversight”.clause The Democrats jump up and down…, change a few words…, spout some rhetoric about “protecting the taxpayer and homeowners”. The Republicans announce that a deal has been struck. John McCain flies into Washington with some reservations about the plan and the deal is off. Now the Democrats are jumping up and down saying we have to pass this bill to save American. The very bill they were so opposed to in the first place. They haven’t changed anything significant about the bill what so ever.

The bill that will do nothing to help the average working man or woman on the street will get passed by the Democrats…, and they own it. Sterling pointed out in much better form than I did exactly why it won’t work. Once the money flows into the system and the market stages a record breaking bounce…, the fat cats will cover their margins…, and quickly convert to cash. They will be ready to take advantage of the crash that will quickly follow.

I believe it will happen before the election and John McCain will be able to say, “I always had my reservations about this Bail Out…, but the Democrats forced it through.” The Republicans will get what they want and Democrats will get the blame.

My hat’s off to you Karl…, truly masterful.

Scott R. September 26, 2008 - 2:22pm

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